Benefits of the Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Program

In 2013, the Nevada legislature legalized cannabis for medicinal use. Since then, the benefits of the Las Vegas medical cannabis program have been made abundantly clear. Patient after patient has seen positive results after being able to access this resource. There are so many conditions that can be easily treated with cannabis, from glaucoma to epilepsy. It’s even been used to treat rare conditions like Dravet’s Syndrome and some cancers, which have few other remedies outside of extremely expensive medication.

Even with all these benefits, there are millions of Americans who outright oppose any kind of cannabis use. While some take a moral stance against it, others simply misunderstand the fact that medical cannabis is highly regulated and, therefore, extremely safe. Here are just some of the benefits of the Las Vegas medical cannabis program.

Every Gram of Cannabis is Tested

Any Las Vegas medical cannabis dispensary like Euphoria Wellness sells only high-quality medicine. Every gram of it is 100% lab tested to ensure its quality and efficacy. When cannabis was illegal, even for medical use, many consumers would buy plants that had been heavily sprayed with pesticides or even had ground-up mites in it. Nevada’s legislation has taken drastic steps to prevent this practice.

For most medical consumers, the THC and other cannabinoids are bought in the form of edibles, drops, creams and other processed materials. This eliminates many of the concerns over dangerous chemicals. For those who buy flowers to smoke, government regulations prevent the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals. In addition, each of our items is labeled with its THC and CBD level along with other vital information so consumers know they are getting a product that will help their particular condition.

Open to a Specific Population

Legislation has made it so you must meet specific requirements to buy medicine from a legal Las Vegas cannabis dispensary. These requirements must be met before ever setting foot in the store. First, you must be 18 years old with a valid state ID. Second, you must have a valid medical cannabis card with a recommendation for medical cannabis to treat your particular ailment. This includes Nevada cards and those from other states and even other countries. To learn more about how to get your medical cannabis card just visit our website.

Friendly and Informative Experts

What makes Euphoria Wellness different from other Las Vegas medical cannabis dispensaries is its friendly and knowledgeable staff. If it is your first time visiting a medical cannabis dispensary, you may be intimidated by the product selection, but our staff is here to help you.

Once you are checked in, all you need to do is speak with one of our staff and describe your ailments. From there, our staff members will give you a few options and present the pros and cons of each strain so you know you are getting the best medical cannabis for your situation.

The Las Vegas medical cannabis laws have made it better than ever for residents to safely get the medicine they need for their condition. If you have recently received your medical card or are looking for a medical cannabis dispensary, visit our website or come by our shop today!