The Effects of Cannabinoids on Pets

As states like marijuana infused treats for petsNevada expand the availability of medicinal cannabis to humans, many people have begun to wonder, “what about my pet?” After all, our pets can experience the same symptoms that medical cannabis treats, including chronic pain, inflammation, indigestion, lethargy, anxiety, depression and more.

The good news for pet owners is that others have already considered their cause. A few brands have released “pet friendly” cannabis products aimed at treating a host of symptoms and conditions. There is only one catch: not all pet products are created equal.

Read on to learn which products offer the most potential benefits to your pets and how they work.

Why You May Want to Consider Cannabinoids for Your Pets

The reason cannabis products like cannabis affect us is that our brains — as well as cat brains and dog brains — have natural receptors for the chemicals already built-in. As chemicals like THC and CBD enter our systems, our nerve receptors intake the drugs and, in big enough doses, produce psychoactive effects that cannabis is known for.

At smaller doses, our neurotransmitters and receptors can still access the drug in order to deliver medicinal benefits without noticeable psychoactive effects. CBD is especially effective at this type of low-dosage benefit, preventing seizures, lowering inflammation, and delivering a relaxing effect without any undesirable, mind-altering side effects.

Here, you can see how such medicines can benefit pets. CB1 and CB2 receptors in their bodies readily intake CBD drugs and other chemicals like terpenes in order to deliver positive results. One study of pet owners found that 95 percent of dog owners and 100 percent of cat owners reported cannabis supplements helped their pet with pain relief. Eighty-three percent of dog owners similarly reported that hemp products reduced their pet’s anxiety.

Other benefits include: reduced inflammation, reduced vomiting and nausea, better sleep, relief from seizures, decreased muscle spasms and improved skin. Owners of pets with chronic illnesses also noted that cannabis products helped inhibit cell growth in tumors while managing pain, inflammation and general discomfort.

In short, cannabis products can do a whole lot for your pet, just like they can in humans!

Picking the Right Cannabis Product for Your Pet

Like most other medicinal products in a market still undergoing regulation reform, cannabis products for your pet may not always deliver on your expectations. To prevent unnecessary risk while giving your pet the best experience possible, only entrust brands like Canna-Pet that rigorously research their product and include best-quality ingredients.

Canna-Pet supplements use whole plant extracts and measure for inclusion of compounds in addition to CBD, such as terpenes. These compounds create an “entourage effect,” allowing the chemical process of intake to complete more fully in order to deliver the full range of benefits for your pets. Combined with other quality controls and best practices, Canna-Pet products provide more bioavailability than any competitor. For this reason, among others, they are the market leader in cannabis products for pets.

Additionally, Canna-Pet’s products are made from industrial hemp, not medical cannabis, avoiding any legal grey areas your vet may encounter when recommending products.

Get Canna-Pet Products at a Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Dispensary Near You

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