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Tour Our Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Dispensary

As the first medical cannabis dispensary to open its doors in Las Vegas, Euphoria Wellness sits at the frontier of medical cannabis industry and culture. We consider ourselves pioneers that are setting a positive, high-quality example for other businesses to come. Exceeding expectations while providing a comfortable, welcoming environment for our patient clients is our number one goal.

Come take a look inside our dispensary to see how we go above and beyond your typical dispensary atmosphere.

Take a Visual Tour of Our Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Courtesy of Weedmaps

The Weedmaps team stopped by to film a tour of the first medical cannabis dispensary to open in Las Vegas. We enjoyed their professional demeanor and loved getting the chance to explain to them our passion for our work and how we set ourselves apart from other local dispensaries.

What You Will Find at Euphoria Wellness

Spacious Parking Lot

The first thing you may notice is our ample parking within the upscale shopping center at the corner of W Robindale Rd. and S Jones Blvd. Located across the street from the Resort at Coronado Ranch and the Coronado Bay Club Apartments, we are in the midst of a quiet, residential area that sees relatively light traffic.

Privacy Glass

We want to maintain the privacy of our patient clients. Mirrored, tinted one-way storefront glazing adds a professional look while ensuring that passers-by will not disturb your shopping journey.

Comfortable Waiting Room

We ask that only individuals above 21 years of age and holding a medical cannabis card enter our store floor. Others can wait comfortably in the atrium, which can also serve as an excellent place to hold consultations.

Clean, Organized Store Front

Our storefront is designed to present options in an elegant, well-composed way. We have hundreds of different products at Euphoria, so we organize them to ensure our patient clients can browse without excess visual clutter.

Lightning Fast Checkout

As a cash-only business, you will rarely encounter a line at Euphoria. Our on-site ATM can allow you to withdraw funds before your purchase.

Welcoming Back Offices

Our employees love working here, and they would love to meet with you! If you want to see more about what goes on behind-the-scenes or engage in a private consultation to help guide your purchases, we would love to have a discussion in our professional offices.

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