How Medical Cannabis Can Help with Diagnosed Anxiety

Given cannabis’ (greatly exaggerated) reputation for causing paranoia, some may be surprised to learn that it can actually help with anxiety. In truth, there are 37 psychoactive compounds in any given cannabis strain, four of which are of primary interest.Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as “THC”, is referred to most often and most commonly associated with the elevated, euphoric “high” of cannabis’ most notable effect.

At the same time, other compounds like cannabidiol (CBD)  provide sedative effects. Cannabis strains that cause an immediate “sleepy” feeling typically have a high enough CBD:THC ratio to balance out the energetic feelings THC can cause. Certain preparations, such as edibles, allow your body to absorb larger doses of CBD, enhancing the sedative effects.

Those suffering from Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or similar conditions may benefit from a strain with such properties to alleviate their stress and help reduce debilitating physiological symptoms that can arise from anxiety.

How Medical Cannabis Reduces Anxiety

Our brains have natural chemicals designed to control things like mood and other associated physiological symptoms. Our endocannabinoid system produces relaxed, happy feelings, such as after exercise when we experience what is known as a “runner’s high.” CBD and similar compounds mimic these chemical processes, producing an anxiety-reducing reaction that can lower the heart rate, decrease stressful thoughts and allow for confidence in typically anxiety-inducing situations.

Although medical cannabis clinical studies are rare for blatantly political reasons, some limited academic research does exist. For example, one study published in the scientific journal Neuropsychopharmacology noted that patients in the experimental group diagnosed with SAD were markedly calmer and had a less negative opinion of themselves and their performance during a simulated public speaking test when given a 600mg dose of CBD. Additionally, the study pointed out that “No significant differences were observed between CBD and HC [no-CBD control group] in SSPS-N scores or in the cognitive impairment, discomfort and alert factors of VAMS [Visual Analogue Mood Scale].”

Self-reporting medical cannabis patients in a California survey indicated that “relief of anxiety” was the sixth most commonly cited reason for medical cannabis patients, with 38.1 percent of those polled stating as such.

Patients do not need to smoke cannabis to get these benefits; they can receive CBD in controlled doses through sublingual (under the tongue) sprays or through edibles like Sensi Chew. These products ensure that patients who are not comfortable smoking cannabis or are concerned about the potential adverse effects on their lungs can still get the medicine they need to function comfortably in situations that normally induce anxiety.

Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

The following strains have a good balance of CBD:THC to reduce the risk of paranoia or anxiety without the feeling of sleepiness. Consult Leafly or a Euphoria Wellness health consultant for more specific information.

  • Grandaddy Purple
  • Cannatonic
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • ACDC
  • Strawberry Cough

Finding the Right Medical Cannabis Product for Your Anxiety

Each person experiences different symptoms and has different preferences for delivery of their CBD:THC. It may take some sampling to find the fresh herb or ingestible cannabis product that helps alleviate your symptoms without causing any undesirable side effects.

Make an appointment or simply walk-in to Euphoria Wellness to have a conversation with one of our medical cannabis experts and find the perfect anxiety-reducing solution for you. We also offer free medical cannabis delivery!


This content is not intended as medical advice. The information provided is meant to encourage cannabis education, not replace direct patient-healthcare professional relationships. Always consult your primary care physician or other healthcare provider prior to using cannabis products for treatment of a medical condition.  Any statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products referenced are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Products are only available where the consumption of cannabis is legal.