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Strain Showcase: Pineapple Express

Few strains have the brand recognition of Pineapple Express, thanks presumably in large part to the efforts of Seth Rogen and James Franco. With a THC concentration of 24% and intense aromas and flavors of both citrus and sweet, tropical fruits, its reputation is well-deserved.

Pineapple Express is available in flower form for free pickup or delivery at Euphoria Wellness.

Pineapple Express Strain

  • Sativa-dominant Hybrid
  • Very high THC content
  • Hybrid made from Trainwreck x Hawaiian Sativa
  • Notable sweet, tangy tropical flavors

Even without a Hollywood movie to its name, Pineapple Express would have a well-deserved recognizability. It uniquely gives off overwhelming notes of fruit, including fresh apple, mango and a hint of citrus or pine. The strain also boasts a noticeably sweet flavor, making it as enjoyable to smoke or vaporize as it is to experience its effects.

Exhibiting impeccable lineage, this cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian would make its parents proud. Trainwreck has a reputation for potent, long-lasting indica highs that come on quickly “like a freight train,” hence its name. Hawaiian is noted for its intense tropical flavors and sweetness along with its tendency to give off positive energy. Together, the two strains produce a unique experience worthy of worldwide recognition. Many patients report feeling creative, uplifted, energetic and relaxed.

In flower form, Pineapple Express is recognizable primarily by its fruity, zesty aroma. It commonly appears as a deep, bright green bud frosted with trichomes. Orange hairs may be noticeable or minimal depending on the harvest.

Pineapple Express Medicinal Effects

Pineapple Express has strong sativa effects that are best enjoyed during the daytime. Patients who experience stress, depression or pain would get the most benefit. The strain can also stimulate hunger and alleviate nausea. It could potentially help with insomnia if consumed a few hours before bed.

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