Popular Products to Buy at Your Local Las Vegas Dispensary

The Las Vegas medical cannabis industry is officially booming, which means that new people are being introduced to new products every day. Many of these products are familiar to the average MMJ user, but others have surged in popularity and entered the scene in a big way.

For those looking to use their MMJ card for the first time, or those who want to try something new, here are just some of the popular cannabinoid products they can try at their local Las Vegas medical cannbis dispensary.

Popular Flower Strains

Flowers remain the number one requested item at Las Vegas medical cannabis dispensaries. All together, they makeup just under 50 percent of all sales on average and equal the revenue of most other product SKUs combined.

Many patients prefer flowers for their strong, unique smell and flavors. Flowers also have a “what you see is what you get” quality. However, patients should note that the dosage of active ingredients like THC in flowers can sometimes be less consistent than prepared products like sprays or edibles.

Popular  strains include:

  • Blue Dream
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sour Diesel
  • Tahoe OG
  • Pineapple Express

Confectionary Edibles

Edibles produce a different set of medicinal effects that make them long-lasting. Make sure you experiment with small doses of unfamiliar edibles at first, though, because the effects compound quickly and can become quite intense.

Customers once requested baked goods like brownies, cookies and candy bars more than most edibles, but “confection” type edibles are quickly usurping them in popularity. Hard candies, lollipops, gums, lozenges, chocolates and other goodies are easy to transport and enjoy without worry of them getting stale.

Tinctures and Sublingual Sprays

Tinctures and sprays provide fast-acting doses that combine the body effects of edibles with the energetic experience of smoking flowers. They also provide an easy, discreet way to get your needed dosage throughout the day.


Concentrates exploded onto the medical cannabis scene just a few years ago, and they are rapidly becoming the second-most requested item at Euphoria Wellness. Wax concentrates carry the most demand, with Rosin following close behind.

The rise of vape-pens has also increased the demand for a tincture-style MMJ cartridge. These products can be enjoyed just like a tobacco or herbal vape, and they come in a variety of flavors and strain derivatives.

Pre-Roll Products

MMJ patients who want the road-ready quality of cigarettes in smokable form love the convenience of infused pre-rolls MMJ strain rolls. Most Las Vegas dispensaries provide a host of rolling options, including low-smoke, unbleached papers and cigar wrappers.

Disposable vaporizer “joints” have started to catch up to these flower-form pre-rolls. While offered at a higher price-per-dose than concentrates or flowers, they offer an extremely convenient, smokeless way to enjoy authentic strain derivatives thanks to brands like JUJU Joints.


Topical MMJ products offer little of the psychoactive effects of inhaled or ingested MMJ. However, their remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects make them perfect for those suffering from conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel. Lotions, salves, hemp oils and even lip balms can be purchased and enjoyed separately or alongside other MMJ products.

Find What You Are Looking for at the First Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Dispensary

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