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Strain Review: Stephen Hawking Kush — JUJU Joints

Find more information about Stephen Hawking Kush JUJUs from Euphoria Wellness. Stephen Hawking Kush has an astonishing 41.7% CBD with 22.3% THC. This is a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC which makes the CBD more effective. The beginner user may experience a slight euphoria from this content but more than likely will not feel a high being that CBD is non-psychoactive and actually takes away a lot of the psychoactive properties of THC. JUJU joints are inconspicuous, produce little odor and are available for free delivery or pick up. Also available as a 500mg cartridge.

Stephen Hawking Kush

  • Indica
  • High CBD content
  • Hybrid made from Harle-Tsu x Sin City Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush is an engineered hybrid strain created as part of the second release from the “Great Minds” series of seeds offered by Alphakronik Genes. It was created by mating a special clone Harle-Tsu female plant — one that boasts a 20:1 CBD ratio — with a Sin City Kush male, resulting in a hybrid that is extremely indica-dominant.

In flower form, the plant exhibits a large amount of crystallized trichomes, noticeable orange hairs and a blue-tinted/light green coloration. When smoked, the flower tastes strongly of cherries or berries and mint with a subtle earthy finish.

Stephen Hawking Kush Medicinal Effects

With its high CBD content and indica-leaning effects, Stephen Hawking Kush is best consumed at night. Patients may notice a significant amount of sleepiness and relaxation. They will also experience a slight amount of euphoria and energy although not enough to cause anxiety or counteract the sedative effects of the CBD.

Patients suffering from anxiety disorders, OCD, insomnia, stress, depression or pain would likely benefit from consuming Stephen Hawking Kush. Patients with high amounts of pain can consume small amounts of the strain throughout the day to manage pain without feeling sleepy.

Stephen Hawking Kush in a JUJU Joint

JUJU joints are single-use, pre-loaded vaporizer/e-cigarette products that make receiving your needed dosage of medical cannabis simple, convenient and with few negative drawbacks.

Each joint is pre-loaded with 250 mg to 500 mg of cannabis concentrate. The JUJU Rx series emphasizes CBD to enhance the sedative and pain relieving medicinal effects. The Stephen Hawking Kush product has 24% CBD.

JUJU joints are mostly smokeless and odorless, and they require no preparation. Simply unscrew the cap, partake and dispose of the joint when you are done. Effects can take up to 12 minutes, and dosage is easily controlled through small puffs.