About Us

About Euphoria Wellness

In August of 2015, Euphoria Wellness became the first cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas to open its doors. Since then, we have provided customers in Las Vegas with expertise, education and guidance on the products that best suit their unique needs.

Our highly trained staff stays current on the most recent strains, extracts and cannabis products available. This continual education ensures we share only the most current, accurate knowledge with our patients and guests.

Now that Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries are open to recreational sales, our staff can provide this deep knowledge to all of our guests. Whether you are a first-time cannabis user or a veteran, we can offer our recommendations to help raise your level of cannabis enjoyment and exceed your highest expectations.

Come visit us at 7780 South Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89139. You can also call us at 702-960-7200 for free cannabis delivery in Las Vegas.

Euphoria Wellness Safety and Security

Our facility is designed to ensure our guests feel secure and welcome from the moment they arrive. From our storefront, to our staff, to our top-quality products, Euphoria Wellness provides the highest safety and privacy standards in the industry.

When you walk into our facility, our knowledgeable staff will immediately greet you. CCTV monitoring and a trained security team stand by to ensure guest safety and enhance your peace of mind. You can feel confident and relaxed coming to Euphoria, where your experience comes before anything else.

Euphoria Wellness Staff

Our mission is threefold: Healing, Education and Discovery.

We believe that both medical patients and recreational cannabis users can enjoy a better quality of life through our products. Since each person’s body, mind and preferences are unique, we stock a wide variety of items to fulfill all needs.

Enjoy a seamless, comfortable experience from start to finish thanks to our trained Euphoria Wellness team. Each member is ready to provide you with the safest medicinal and recreational options, helping you to make informed decisions that heal your symptoms or fulfill your desired outcomes.

Come visit us to enjoy a better strain of Las Vegas dispensary. We have the best selection and a welcoming team that will make you want to return, again and again.

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