Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Cannabis Questions

Recreational Cannabis FAQs

Can anyone enter and shop with you?
You must be 21+ with a valid ID or Passport to shop with us.

How much can I purchase per day?
The maximum amount that a person can purchase or possess at one time is one ounce of cannabis other than concentrated cannabis, or one-eighth of an ounce of concentrated cannabis. Also, possession or consumption of cannabis or cannabis products is prohibited on any airport property in Clark County.

Can I travel with it?
As a federal regulation, it is illegal to cross state lines with cannabis or cannabis products. Cannabis and cannabis products are NOT allowed at Harry Reid International Airport or on the airlines.

Can I smoke/consume in public?
No, consumption of cannabis and cannabis products is prohibited in a public place or in a retail cannabis store. A “public place” is defined as an area in which the public is invited or is permitted regardless of age. This includes all businesses open to the public, public parks, public transit and public sidewalks. Consuming cannabis is prohibited at any gaming property, including inside casino hotel rooms.

Can I call ahead my order?
Yes. 702-960-7200.

Are the same products available to recreational and medical customers?
Yes. All products will be available to both medical and recreational customers. Edibles are restricted to 115mg and 11.5mg per serving for recreational customers.

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