Euphoria Wellness offers discounts to veterans with their medical cannabis card. As described below, a veteran must provide Euphoria Wellness with their valid ID, medical cannabis ID and one of the following forms of military ID to receive any discount.

Veterans Discount

-Valid identification includes Department of Defense ID card, VA ID card, Driver’s License with “Veteran” printed on it or a copy of a DD-214.

-Veterans with valid identification will receive 10% off medical cannabis purchases. Valid ID must be presented at time of purchase.

Disabled Veterans Discount

Veterans with a valid Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation letter along with a valid medical cannabis card are eligible for a discount on cannabis purchases based on their disability compensation rating:
  • Disability compensation rating 1-40% equals a 15% discount
  • Disability compensation rating 50-70% equals a 20% discount.
  • Disability compensation rating 80-100% equals a 30% discount.

Exclusions may apply. **

***Rewards are subject to change. Contact Euphoria Dispensary for a list of the current awards available.

Senior Discount

Euphoria Wellness will offer a 10% discount to those that are age 65 and older with a valid ID.

Recreational Discounts

10% off for Veterans & Military with Valid ID

10% off for Seniors

FREE Rewards Program For All Customers

**Can not combine discounts with daily specials. Customer is responsible for all applicable tax on discounted and reward program merchandise/products.

All flower strains listed on our Value Tier ($9.99/g & $29.99/8th) as well as any on-line or in-store advertised deals are excluded from any additional discounts or coupons unless otherwise stated.