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How CBD Works to Improve Your Wellness

CBD usage was low in the past, primarily due to restrictions that governments had set to inhibit its usage. This

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What Its Really Like Taking CBD?

A lot of things have been said about CBD and its beneficial effects. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoids system. This system in

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Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs: What’s the Difference?

With the increase in cannabis legalization and decriminalization, more and more people are enjoying the pleasure of a good and

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The Warm & Fuzzy Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis products come in all shapes, sizes, and ways to enjoy.  You can smoke bud from beautiful glassware or roll

marijuana is a super food
It’s Official: Cannabis is a Super Plant – Backed by Science!

Those of us who have been cannabis advocates for decades have long put forth that cannabis is a super-plant. Unofficially,

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Vape Pen and Cartridges

Whether you are new to cannabis use or have been a cannabis enthusiast for years, it is likely that you

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Medical Cannabis: 7 Best Cannabis Strains for Nerve Damage

One of the most important discoveries from the few last decades of research into cannabis as an alternative therapy is

Giveaway: Help Us Name Our New Strain

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a prize worth $360. Restrictions apply. Contest only open to 21 years

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The 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Nausea

It may be surprising to learn that one of the top reasons that medical practitioners recommend cannabis to their patients is for

Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Association Event 2020

The Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Association (LVMMA) partnered with Euphoria Wellness to host a special press event commemorating Las Vegas