Young Adults and Marijuana

5 Facts about Young Adults and Cannabis

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the widespread legalization of cannabis are critics who sing the doom it would cause for young adults. Cannabis, they claim, is a gateway drug to harder drugs, and that it causes an obsessive behavior where people do nothing but smoke and get high until they lose their intelligence and fail to function as productive members of society.

The truth, however, is the exact opposite, with the vast majority of studies and surveys proving that young adult cannabis smokers hold full-time jobs and live in households with income exceeding $75,000. Explore the facts about young adults and cannabis, find out where the negative propaganda goes wrong and get educated about the future of legal cannabis.

Cannabis Improves Focus

According to a 2016 research study by Miner & Co, which surveyed 800 users of cannabis between 25 and 39 years of age in Washington, Colorado and California, over 90% of whom consumed at least weekly, 95% stated the drug’s potential to increase and improve focus as a primary reason for using it.

Cannabis Users Hold Down Jobs

Contrary to the nay-sayers’ claims, 84% of all regular cannabis users reported having full-time jobs. This seems to be a far cry from the image of the non-productive stoner in the basement incapable of doing anything but getting high.

Cannabis Users Are Solid Earners

64% of cannabis users surveyed not only report having a regular, full-time job, but that they are part of a household that earns at least $75,000 annually. Once more, cannabis users appear overall to be quite productive in society.

Legalizing Cannabis Doesn’t Create an Epidemic

Another common complaint among opponents of legalizing cannabis on a national level is that legalization of the drug will create an epidemic of addicts which will have a cascade effect on our society both socially and economically, particularly among teens. The truth is that use of the substance by teens has not increased in states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use.

Colorado’s Department of Public Health conducted an analysis of cannabis use among teens both prior to and following the legalization of the drug, and the results were surprising. 25% of teens used cannabis prior to legalization, compared to 21% after — the numbers actually decreased, and the sample size was sizable, encompassing 17,000 students.

Cannabis Has Measurable Medical Benefits

Current research proves that cannabis has measurable medical benefits. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments from migraine headaches to pain from cancer, to mood disorders and improving mental focus.

Young Adults and Cannabis

The truth is, it’s only a matter of time before cannabis becomes legalized across the nation. Young adults and cannabis have no negative provable connections, and attitudes are changing by the day. The current generation represents our future leaders, and as we become more educated as a society, it’s a safe bet that old attitudes will eventually fall by the wayside.

Currently, cannabis is legal for medical use in Nevada, but you’ll need a medical cannabis card to access this resource. If you suffer from a condition that can be helped by cannabis, get in touch with Euphoria Wellness for expedited help getting your card today!