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Is Vaping Cannabis Flower Better Than Smoking It?

“Better” is a highly subjective term, and cannabis consumers enjoy either vaping flower or smoking for various reasons. That being said, you might want to explore vaping as your preferred method of cannabis consumption. At Euphoria Wellness, we always welcome every kind of cannabis consumer.


Vaping Cannabis Flower

Both vaping cannabis flower and smoking it have various benefits to the users who enjoy either method. Cannabis users who choose to smoke can tell anyone why smoking flower is superior to vaping it, and those who choose to vape flower will do the same. Each method has its pros and cons; these are the basic pros and cons of vaping cannabis flower:




Vaping flower enables you to extract cannabinoids from dry cannabis slowly and with great efficacy. Cannabis flower that has already been vaped (ABV) can be used for creating tea or edibles, or even as an emergency smoke or vape. When you set cannabis on fire, it turns to ash and is no longer useful.


Pronounced flavor

Vaping cannabis flower produces a more pronounced flavor than smoking. This is due to the flavor extraction: you taste the cannabis profiles and even the individual terpenes…at least at first. The flavor will typically start to wane at the end of your vape session.



Smoke a pre-roll and everyone knows you’re smoking. Vape cannabis flower and not much of an odor is produced, especially at lower temperatures. Vaping cannabis flower also smells much less than smoke, so if you’re flying under the radar, it may be the best option.


No fire source is needed

Everything you need to vape cannabis flower is in your vape. You’ll never have a time when you are stranded with cannabis flower and have no way to enjoy it.


Temperature control

Most vapes for cannabis flower have adjustable heat settings that give you control over the temperature for your session. It can take a bit of trial and error to determine what’s best for you, but this can help produce a variety of effects from mellow and uplifting to a more intense euphoria, from your cannabis.



Vaping cannabis flower is safer than smoking. It’s much better for your health, according to current research, and it doesn’t require a fire source or open flame. 



Requires a grinder

Most cannabis flower vapes don’t function well without a medium- to fine-grind. This requires a high-quality grinder, as grinding increases the surface area of the cannabis and allows all of the cannabinoids and terpenes to be properly extracted.


Comes with a learning curve

Unlike smoking, vaping flower comes with a big learning curve. Some experience is required to learn how to vape cannabis properly, such as getting the right grind and pack, learning to inhale properly, and learning how to make adjustments to the settings.


Has to be charged or plugged in

The good news is, you don’t need a lighter. The bad news is, you need a full charge or a power source to plug your flower vape into. A full charge will usually give you several sessions, unlike a cannabis pre roll, which will typically only get you one.


Effects are different

You can achieve the bliss you’d like from a vaporizer, but it is a bit different than doing so by smoking. This may present another learning curve.



Flower vaporizers are not cheap. Pro tip: Don’t buy really cheap flower vapes; the price you’ll pay in the long run is not one you’ll want to buy. Like glassware, it’s worth it to invest in a solid flower vape


You have to buy coils often 

Depending on the “oven” which your atomizer holds, you can only pack so little and your first hit is your true hit and everything after tastes bad. In the end you invest more in a flower vape than rolling up or smoking bowls. 


Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis has its pros and cons, too. For instance, smoking doesn’t require as much of an investment in terms of equipment like vaping flower does: with cannabis, a lighter, and rolling papers, anyone can quickly and easily enjoy the benefits. Smoking also involves a ritualized process that is unique to each smoker. Here’s our basic list of the pros and cons of smoking cannabis.



Very little investment required

Purchase your cannabis, purchase some rolling papers, procure a lighter (if you’ve been doing this for a little while, you may have a collection of these), and you’re good to go. smoking out of glass bongs and pipes.


No learning curve

Sure, you might mess up the first couple rolls, but that’s about the end of the learning curve. It’s easy to start rolling cannabis to your liking and very quickly.


More intense effects

Smoking dry cannabis often more quickly gives intense experiences. The extremely high heat of the fire releases all of the cannabinoids, which are responsible for the more sedative effect.


Low maintenance

With pipes and bowls, you may see some maintenance required, but not as much as required by a flower vaporizer. 



The cons of smoking are what keep turning more and more people over to vaping cannabis flower. 


Stronger odor

Smoke lingers much longer than vapor and can be detected much farther away.



Flower vapers tend to make their cannabis last much longer than smokers, who burn through (literally) theirs very quickly.


Less control

You don’t really have any control over the effects produced by smoking. You’re stuck with the cannabis as it burns. You can try things like finding a different strain or rolling tighter or looser, but that’s nothing compared to the control over the effects you have by using a flower vaporizer.


The flavor is less discernible

Smoking cannabis makes it a lot tougher to discern the difference between strains. Vaping flower allows for a much more distinct flavor profile and cannabis experience. The higher temperatures of fire tend to obliterate the terpenes responsible for various strains’ flavor.


We Welcome Vaping and Smoking Enthusiasts

At Euphoria Wellness, we welcome all cannabis consumers, from those looking for the highest-quality cannabis products to those looking for their first flower vaporizer setup or rolling papers to those looking to purchase any of our high-quality strains. No matter how you have decided to consume cannabis, we can help set you up with superior-quality products for your pleasure. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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