Enjoy cannabis without the munchies.

Enjoy Cannabis Without the Munchies

Enjoy cannabis without the munchies.“The munchies” is a well known side-effect of cannabis consumption, to the point where the stereotypical stoner is often seen compulsively snacking. While this desire to raid the fridge benefits plenty of medical cannabis users — including those with AIDS, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and undergoing chemotherapy — it’s not desirable to everyone.

Luckily for them, getting the munchies is not an inevitability! So if you have been holding off on enjoying the benefits of MMJ or you wish you had cannabis options that don’t lead to the kids’ lunch sacks being light this week, then try the following advice:

Look for High-CBD Cannabis Strains

The reason we get so hungry when we smoke most cannabis products lies in the way THC, cannabis’ most potent ingredient, interacts with our brain stem. Nearly all cannabis extracts and most types of cultivated strains will have a high THC content. This fact means you will inevitably get some level of hunger unless you seek out strains high in CBD or THCV, both of which counteract munchie-inducing THC.

If you are wondering which strains to ask for at your local Las Vegas medical cannabis dispensary, you can see which ones have a favorably high CBD:THC ratio or high THCV content below.


This strain combines two already well-known strains with a balanced CBD:THC content together to create an ultra-high CBD concentration with a surprisingly small amount of THC. Smoking this strain, which is the result of cross-breeding Harlequin with Sour Tsunami, can help you relax without the munchie-inducing effects or paranoia of high-THC strains.


This indica strain is called remedy, as in “cures what ails ‘ya.” By crossing the CBD-rich strains Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic, Remedy delivers huge quantities of CBD while having less than 1% THC overall.


MediHaze is a sativa, which normally means it has high THC concentrations, but in this case, it has nearly equal amounts of THC and CBD in a balanced ratio. This ratio can still produce some amounts of euphoria and mild amounts of munchies, but balanced in a way to counteract THC’s more noticeable effects.

Power Plant

Power Plant avoids hunger pangs not by way of high CBD, but with a higher concentration of THCV, a THC-related compound that actually counteracts hunger impulses after smoking. Even better, Power Plant, which hails from Africa, has heavy spice and pepper notes to replace those snacky cake cravings with some enjoyable herbal aromas.

Jack the Ripper

Popular in the Seattle area, Jack the Ripper has fair amounts of THC and high THCV to work against cravings. Smoking this lemony strain will leave you energized but spare your pocketbook from a late-night pizza delivery.


Another CBD-rich strain and a crossbreed of Tsunami and Cannatonic, Canna-Tsu is the perfect cannabis to puff in order to relax and feel just a bit sleepy after a hard day’s work.


At nearly 2:1 CBD:THC, don’t expect Cannatonic to deliver a potent “high” or munchies, but you can still enjoy it to make use of CBD’s relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

What About High THC Strains?

Some patients require a high THC medicine with very low amounts of CBD for their treatment. If this is your case, you will want to find strains that are HIGH in HUMULENE. This naturally occurring terpene can be found in cannabis, sage, hops, ginseng, and even ginger. Humulene is an organic appetite suppressant which helps promote weight loss.

Find Your Perfect Strain at a Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Find any of these strains or discover your own favorites when you call or visit our Las Vegas medical cannabis dispensary and ask for assistance from our knowledgeable staff.