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Medical Cannabis: 7 Best Cannabis Strains for Nerve Damage

One of the most important discoveries from the few last decades of research into cannabis as an alternative therapy is its effectiveness in helping alleviate the symptoms of nerve damage from conditions such as epilepsy, joint inflammation, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, and COVID-19.

We all have three types of nerves that can become damaged, and each type manifests different symptoms:

  1. Sensory nerve damage can cause neuropathy (nerve pain), sensitivity, and numbness
  2. Motor nerve damage can cause impaired motor skills, such as loss of balance and muscle weakness
  3. Autonomic nerve damage can cause lightheadedness, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, and a lack of vital pain signaling

In the United States today, approximately 20 million people suffer from some form of nerve damage, and it’s especially common for those with diabetes, HIV, and on cancer treatment. Both the THC and CBD found in cannabis have been shown to help positively regulate sensorymotor, and autonomic nerve responses in people with a wide variety of debilitating conditions.

Take a look at seven top strains of cannabis some people have purported to assist you with reducing your nerve damage symptoms and improving your overall outcome so you can better engage in day-to-day home, work, and recreational activities.

Jack Herer

With its natural pine aroma and fruit flavors, this Netherland’s native has boasting rights as a medical grade strain that can also be used recreationally for increased mental creativity and feelings of bodily tranquility. Even though its THC content is relatively high at just over 20%, Sativa-dominant Jack Herer is a great daytime strain that mixes Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk to help reduce pain sensations while boosting your desire to spend some time socializing.

Blue Dream

Fast acting without giving you into couch lock, the slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream was first cultivated in Northern California and today is a bestseller in the region due in part to its mouthwatering berry flavors and earthy sweet aromas. The bountiful THC levels can top out at 25% or more, making it a favorite among both medicinal and recreational users alike. It’s especially beneficial for people seeking to distance themselves from debilitating nerve pain, and is also used for muscle cramping and stress relief. Although it has strong sedative effects of your body, Blue Dream won’t make your mind sleepy and can be used during the day.


The enticing floral-pine scented buds and subtle lemon aftertaste of the Indica-dominant Remedy strain offers you a slow-building state of relaxation. It contains high amounts of CBD and low levels of THC, typically under 1%.  Remedy is a blend of the therapeutic Cannatonic and the focus-inducing Afghan Skunk, and was first cultivated by medicinally-focused breeder CBD Crew. What makes our Remedy vape stand out is it’s 2:1 CBD:THC concentration, which means you get all the medicinal benefits of THC, without the strong ‘high’ because it’s tapered somewhat by the equally medicinal CBD. This allows you to easily go about your daily activities. It’s a great go-to strain for treating inflammation, muscle swelling, seizures, and pain, as well as to help you with the stress and anxiety that’s sometimes associated with debilitating nerve conditions.

Chemdog (AKA Chemdawg)

Though its origins are somewhat hazy, Chemdog’s potent cerebral effects are famous among cannabis connoisseurs. The hybrid has a pungent, spicy smell with strong undertones of diesel, and phenotypes that offer you the best of both worlds: high mental creativity and ultra-relaxed muscles. For these reasons, many people report that it’s ideal for treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Legend has it that some West Coast cultivators at a Grateful Dead concert back in the 1990’s introduced an East Coast grower to a dozen Colorado seeds, and his work choosing and breeding the best traits paid off. Today Chemdog has spawned many popular offshoots, including Sour Diesel and OG Kush, both of which make our Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Nausea. Although it can bring on sharper clarity, the relatively high THC levels in Chemdawg means it’s best to start small with this strain and save it for at-home use.


Headband crosses OG Kush with Sour Diesel for a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid that leaves you feeling like you’re in the clouds. It works well to help alleviate muscles spasms and has strong effects on your body that also make it a top choice for those with peripheral neuropathy, or nerve pain in your extremities from conditions such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, and toxin exposure. The lemon-diesel taste is smooth and the effects are long-lasting, although it’s best for evening relaxation and rainy day use because of its potent day-dreamy effects.

Cherry Cream Pie

Exotic Genetix had the delicious idea to merge tart and fruity Cherry Pie with smooth and sweet Cookies and Cream to create an Indica-dominant strain that’s as scrumptious as it is therapeutic. Cherry Cream Pie’s eye-catching colorful orange and translucent white-tinged buds contain mid-to-high levels of THC that will initially see you focused on mental brainstorming projects, and then leave you in a couch-locked, blissful, and in a zen-like state of calm. According to AllBud, it’s an ideal strain to assist in treating arthritis, tremors from nerve damage, and muscle spasms. It’s also a great muscle relaxant and appetite enhancer. Our Cherry Cream Pie flower contains significant levels of the flavorful terpenes limonene and myrcene which have been shown to work well with THC to boost its therapeutic effects, including reducing pain and inflammation. The bonus is that the enticing earthy-fruit aroma of Cherry Cream Pie has its own synergistic effect – it only grows stronger as you toke.

Acapulco Gold

Originating in the Mexican seaport city of Acapulco, Sativa-dominant Acapulco Gold has a history that’s a bit of a mystery. The plant with the chestnut toffee flavors and earthy aroma started out as one of the landrace strains, yet there’s no clear cut answer as to who first cultivated it. What is known is that today the popular yet hard-to-find flower is considered by many to one of the best in the United States due to its next-level potency. It has gorgeous gold-fringed buds and a well-balanced blend of both THC and THCV that helps make it a select choice to relieve chronic pain, arthritis, peripheral nerve pain, and muscle spasms. Our flower also includes over 13% CBD to give you an uplifting ‘entourage effect’, where the whole combines to accentuates the benefits of each individual part. While Acapulco Gold brings on intense euphoria that can be overwhelming to some, it also provides a clear-headed focus which feels luxurious.

We know from firsthand experience that nerve damage can negatively impact every aspect of your life, including performing daily tasks and errands, excelling at work, and socializing with your family and friends. We were the first licensed and legal cannabis dispensary to open in Las Vegas, and our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you find the best strains to assist in alleviating your nerve pain, inflammation, sensitivity, and more.

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