Four Ways Legal Cannabis Has Impacted Nevada

Cannabis legalization is a hot topic right now. More and more states across America are legalizing it despite fierce resistance from opponents. Often, the rhetoric surrounding the debate is filled with frightening hypotheticals and reckless hyperbole. While that’s a great way to get your sound bite on the news, it doesn’t do much to educate people who need to learn more.

Facts matter more than speculation, and since cannabis has been legal in several states, including Nevada, for quite some time now, there are verifiable facts available regarding the effects. Science demonstrated the medicinal applications of cannabis decades ago, but we’re just now learning how it can affect a state as a whole. Here are four ways legal cannabis has impacted Nevada.

Increased Tax Revenue

For those who are worried about the foundation of society, legalized cannabis has lead to a significant jump in tax revenue in Nevada. Over $35.9 million was collected in taxes thanks to the 15 percent tax on medical and recreational cannabis and the 10 percent excise tax on recreational cannabis. That’s just from last July to January, so you can expect double that much after an entire year. While a good amount of the collected taxes go towards regulating the cannabis industry, a sizeable portion goes right into the Distributive School Account, which provides monetary aid to Nevada’s public schools.

Job Creation

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis, there are an estimated 7,000 new jobs in Nevada within the industry, and that figure is from last December. As more companies arise in this industry, the number of jobs will increase even more, which only help improve the overall economy of state.

To counter this obstacle, many dispensaries have turned to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have no regulation whatsoever. Considering how fast this industry is growing, banks will want to get in on it as soon as possible, so you can expect more pushes for federal legalization.

More People Have Access to Medicine

For some people, cannabis is a necessary medicine to treat a certifiable medical problem. With legalization, it’s easier for those people to get the treatment they need in Nevada. Some states have legalized cannabis for medical use, but you have to get a prescription to do so. In Nevada, you don’t need a prescription at all unless you want to avoid the 10 percent excise tax.

Euphoria Wellness in Nevada

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