Why You Should Have Cannabis for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Cannabis for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

As the popularity of cannabis increases in Nevada, people all across the state are embracing it as a way to celebrate their special events. This shift is having a positive effect on one particular event that is often associated with debauchery, risk-taking and (more often than not) regret: the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Cannabis instead of binge drinking at a bachelor or bachelorette party alleviates the bad decisions that can occur, which often lead to even worse consequences. Frequently, bachelor parties are plagued with guests that are committed to get “as drunk as possible”. The best outcome, a painful hangover the next day. The worst, includes arrest or worse.

The use of cannabis as an alternative allows you and close friends to celebrate without nearly as much risk. Read on to learn more about including cannabis in your bachelor/bachelorette party plans.

You Will Actually Remember the Night

A bachelor/bachelorette party is supposed to be a special celebration that you cherish forever. Far too many people get “blackout” drunk during this event and lose any memory worth holding onto. By consuming cannabis instead of heavy drinking, you can actually heighten your experiences during the event and come away with rich memories that you can cherish forever.

You Won’t Have an Awful Wedding Day

For bachelor/bachelorette parties the night before the wedding, getting too drunk over-drinking is a recipe for disaster. The bride or groom have trouble staying focused and present during the ceremony if they are too hungover, and many people in the wedding party end up wishing they could take a nap rather than enjoy the wedding experience amongst family and friends.

Adding cannabis to your bachelor/bachelorette party, you ensure being present during the wedding, enjoy it while having the full range of emotions without being diminished by the notorious “one-day flu” of hangovers.

You Will Have a More Meaningful Experience

Bachelor parties are not just another excuse to hit the town. They are a meaningful moment for the bride/groom before life changes forever. The night is a last chance for the bachelor/bachelorette to hang out and cut loose with all their closest and oldest friends before everyone has to part ways back to their maturing lives.

While alcohol can certainly lubricate emotions during this bittersweet time, it may not always be the best emotions that surface. Anyone who has seen lots of crying or even fights break out during a bachelor/bachelorette party knows that too much alcohol can turn a great night into a nightmare everyone would rather forget.

Consuming cannabis instead, you can heighten your senses and thoughts, have more-meaningful conversations while experiencing your emotions — all without the altering effects of drinking excess alcohol.

Tips for Getting Cannabis for a Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party

  • Plan around the products you intend to use. Consuming a small amount of edibles can give everyone a long-term “lift” throughout the night, and cartridge-based vaporizer products provide a discreet, convenient way to get a pick-me-up throughout the evening.
  • Know your limit with edibles, and start small. Unlike other types of cannabis, edibles can have long-lasting, intense effects.
  • For flowers and concentrates, get a variety of different strains so that the differing effects can be sampled, compared and enjoyed.
  • Drink only in moderation. Adding cannabis on top of excess alcohol can cause you to become “crossfaded,” which makes you even more prone to dizziness, nausea and other discomforting symptoms. Try to stick to one drink per hour.
  • Always call a cab or have a designated driver. Driving while under the influence of any substance is dangerous and illegal.
  • Take a look at cannabis events around Las Vegas to plan your party at an opportune time.
  • Come to Euphoria Wellness’ cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas for our expert guidance and an incredible selection of available products.

Have fun during your last single night out, be safe, and we hope you have a long, happy marriage ahead of you!