How to Prepare Medical Cannabis Extracts for Cooking

cooking with marijuanaThe long-lasting, body-centric effects of medical cannabis can be obtained through the ingestion of edibles. Cannabis-infused oils and other products may be used as a substitute in   food, as long as the internal temperature does not exceed 355° F. Favorite recipes can be given a little extra kick, while adding the interesting herby and fruity flavor cannabis lends.

THC and other cannabinoid compounds are fat-soluble, and must be extracted from the plant and infused into an oil or other fatty substance in order to  be absorbed. This process takes time, patience and knowledge of temperature thresholds.

Here are some of the methods that can be used to turn a bag of fresh medical cannabis flowers into cookies, pasta and more:


Decarboxylation is the process used to obtain the beneficial psychoactive effects of MMJ. When cannabis is ingested through smoke, the compounds are decarboxylated inside of the device. The acid-based THCA and CBDA compounds that cannot normally be absorbed by your body transform into THC and CBD when heated. .

Cooking the compound at a high temperature may allow the plant to decarboxylate, but preparing the infusion prior to cooking ensures that the maximum extraction is achieved.

Cannabis can be decarboxylated in a 225° F oven by carefully following the process outlined here. Note, this process is only necessary for fresh plants, not prepared oils and concentrates.

Stovetop Medical Cannabis Infusion

Cannabis  infusions can be prepared at home with minimal equipment using the following method:

  •       Heat the infusion oil or other substance of choice at low temperatures in a saucepan or double boiler. Using a Crockpot may make  regulating the temperature easier..
  •       Introduce decarboxylated, ground or concentrated MMJ into the oil once it reaches a temperature of 212° F

      A cheesecloth sachet may be used  to minimize cleanup

  •      Allow the mixture to simmer at 220° F for 90 – 120 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure the mixture does not boil or burn
  •      Remove from heat prior to cooling to room temperature, strain liquid oil/butter using a mesh strainer or cheesecloth
  •      Additional oil may be extracted by squeezing against the strainer or cheesecloth
  •      Refrigerate if not using immediately. The infusion should keep for several weeks in the refrigerator or up to six months in the freezer

Learn more about the process and additional  recipes online at sites such as cannabis infused coconut oil. Calculating the exact dosage of THC in the final product can be difficult without experience and precise temperature control. Consume product in small doses  and wait at least 90 minutes prior to additional consumption.

Using an Infusion Machine

An automatic herb infusion machine is recommended if planning to experiment with infusing different oils and fats with MMJ frequently. The Magical Butter MB2e has received high ratings and automates the entire process; grinding herbs, controlling temperature cycles and straining the spent herbs easily with a fine mesh screen. The 110V model is small enough to sit on the counter, making small-batch preparation simple, relatively clean and fun. It lists for about  $170-$180.

Purchasing Medical Cannabis Infusions Directly

Want to try infusions without going through the trial and error of getting temperatures right? Prepared nfusion products can be purchased for immediate access to cannabis-infused olive oil, butter, coconut oil and more. Pre-packaged infused products such as cookies and  lollipops are also available for purchase.
Contact our wellness experts at Euphoria Wellness by calling (702) 960-7200 to discuss the methods and products that work best for you . We offer free medical cannabis delivery on any products you decide upon.


This content is not intended as medical advice. The information provided is meant to encourage cannabis education, not replace direct patient-healthcare professional relationships. Always consult your primary care physician or other healthcare provider prior to using cannabis products for treatment of a medical condition.  Any statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products referenced are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Products are only available where the consumption of cannabis is legal.