oil cartridge vape pen on white table

How to use an Oil Cartridge Vape Pen

What is a Vape Pen? 

The term “Vape” or “Vaping” has become so common (and used for both Nicotine and THC) that you may not know what a Vape Pen does or how it works. 


A Vape Pen is a battery-powered, portable device with a cartridge of concentrated cannabis oil. The pen’s heating device vaporizes rather than burns the oil, meaning there is no smoke and very little odor, if any. 


The ease of use and smokeless vapor make cannabis oil and vaporizing one of the most popular choices for our customers new to THC and those tried-and-true flower smokers who seek something less harsh on the lungs.


Knowing the Difference: Vape, Wax, Dab Pens 

Walking into your local dispensary, you may encounter an enthusiastic budtender who hits you with unfamiliar terminology. This infographic will help you keep your head from spinning so you get exactly what you need: 

vape vs wax vs dab pen chart

Storing and Handling Your Vape Pen to Make it Last


Keep your cartridges stored in a cool, dry place and in an upright position with the mouthpiece facing down. Rather than holding your vape pen horizontally like a cigarette, you’ll want to keep it vertical. 


Avoid leaving your pen exposed to direct sunlight, like in a hot car, which may cause oil to evaporate. Before taking a hit, turn the cartridge upside down for a moment to confirm that the wick is coated in oil, which makes for a better vape experience. 


Most pens come with a storage case designed by the manufacturer; these are made to keep your device and cartridge protected from damage. Storing your vape pen in your pocket without a case leaves it vulnerable to damage. It may shatter if it hits a nearby object or you sit on it, especially the less durable disposable pens. 


Unscrewing the cartridge from the vape when not in use will help both last longer. Doing this prevents the oil from heating too often or leaking, which can damage your vape pen.


Another great way to maintain your pen is to keep your cartridge and pen clean from oil and debris. If you find that your pen isn’t working correctly, use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to wipe down the connection port to get rid of any residue. Doing this can also sanitize your mouthpiece. 


Choose the Right Equipment


Oil cartridges and pens have a wide range of designs, threads, coils, and features. It’s important to match your cartridges with the appropriate device. Even if they appear to fit correctly, using the wrong cartridge could cause you to waste your oil unnecessarily. Many consumers choose pre-filled cartridges that may not last as long but do not require manually screwing in cartridges.


Check in with our team of cannabis experts if you’re not sure that the cartridge you picked out will work with the Vape Pen you own or want to purchase. 


Charging Your Vape Pen

Depending on the battery size and type, your vaporizer will charge in about 30 minutes via a USB port plugged into a computer or other charging device. It can take several hours to charge if you have a large exterior battery. Vape pens tend to be simple and sleek with minimal buttons and displays, so pay attention to the changing or blinking lights on your device to determine when it is fully charged. The manufacturer’s guide or booklet will give you instructions on how to avoid depleting the battery with overcharging. 


Here are some battery basics for our most popular vape pens: 


Vape Pen Type  How Long Does It Take To Charge? How do you know when it’s fully charged?  How long does the battery last?
Backwoods Vape Pen 30 minutes – a couple of hours  Power light will turn Green.   Variable
Apex Vape Pen 11 hours, uses an AC wall charger. Power light will turn Green.   Up to 2 days 
Khushi Vape Pen 30 minutes – a couple of hours Power light will turn Green.   With a full battery charge, up to twelve hours.
Select Vape Pen Fully charged in 90 minutes with a USB charger. Lights turn off when charge is complete. Variable 
Cresco Vape Pen 30 minutes – a couple of hours Power light will turn Green.   Variable 
Frio Vape Pen 45 minutes – 1.5 hours  Power light will turn Green. If your battery reads too low, the device will blink red and shut down. Up to 2 days 
Grassroots Vape Pen 30 minutes – a couple of hours Power light will turn Green.   Variable 
Rythm Vape Pen 30 minutes – a couple of hours Power light will turn Green.   Variable, recommended not to charge more than 2 hours at a time. 


Whichever choice you make for your pen– preloaded, external battery, simple or bold color, Euphoria Wellness has exceptional quality cartridges to fit. If you want to learn more about your different vape options, come by our dispensary and meet with one of our knowledgeable wellness guides for suggestions personalized to your needs.