What Is a Sativa Strain?

If you have ever done research to determine what kind of Las Vegas medical cannabis would be best for your situation, you may have found yourself with countless options. Yet, each of these strains comes from one of two types of plants: sativas and indicas.

Both plants have their own physical attributes and effects on the mind and body. Some strains are hybrids of the two, getting the desired benefits from each. Read on for an overview of sativa strains, including how it compares to indica and its unique attributes.

Comparing Sativa and Indica

Indica and sativa have very different physical attributes and effects. Indica is typically grown indoors, as it is a short, wide plant. Sativa, on the other hand, grows up to 25 feet tall and is a very thin plant, best suited for outdoor growth.

While indica relaxes the mind and tends to lull the user into a deep, restful sleep, sativa does quite the opposite. It energizes the user, often sparking creativity. Sativa is better for daytime use, while indica is fit for nighttime use.

Medical Benefits of Sativas

Sativa is a great product for those who need a boost. It offers what some describe as a “cerebral high” that stimulates and energizes. It boosts focus, creativity and feelings of well-being. AIt is ideal for patients suffering from depression. Sativas also help fight migraines and excessive daytime sleepiness, and many strains help fight anorexia and other eating disorders by boosting appetite.

Different Kinds of Sativas

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of strains of sativa. At Euphoria Wellness, we sell a wide variety of different strains of medical cannabis. We specialize in hybrids, allowing for a better product. One of our most popular hybrids is Platinum Blue Dream. Its fruity, sweet flavors enhance its stress-relieving properties. It is a great way to reduce pain and depression.

Another popular product is Jack Herer. The earthy flavors leave the patient feeling connected to everything around them, boosting happiness and creativity. Naturally, these effects fight stress and depression. Finally, Turbo OG is a 50/50 hybrid, offering the best benefits of both sativas and indicas. Its sweet aroma brings with it relief from pain and depression. It is a great solution for those who find themselves with a lack of appetite.

Your Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Dispensary

These are just a few of the options available at Euphoria Wellness. As Las Vegas’ first dispensary, we are constantly striving to better serve our clientele. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and will find the product — bud, vapor, oil or edible — that best fits your needs. For more information, visit our website, come by the store or give us a call today!