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What Its Really Like Taking CBD?

A lot of things have been said about CBD and its beneficial effects. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoids system. This system in your body can influence your internal inflammation,  perception of discomfort, metabolism and digestion, and general mood. With time and careful exploration of how CBD works for you, each person can experience an improved quality of life and easing of certain temporary discomforts by ingesting or absorbing CBD oil. But if you’re expecting your first CBD capsule or tincture to change your life, it doesn’t exactly work like that.

CBD is a natural substance found in a plant that has been cultivated normally. It’s not an intoxicant, it doesn’t “hit you” right after you ingest, vape, or apply something made with CBD. Instead, it’s a lot more like an herbal supplement. If you need it, if your body is out of balance and CBD’s effects rebalanced you, you may soon feel pretty good.

For some conditions, it can take longer to notice a difference over time. And for a rare few, CBD may not have any of the effects you were expecting or hoping for. When beginning to use CBD, it is best to take it on a daily regimen in order to maximize the effectiveness of CBD on the body.

CBD is different for everyone but the one thing that’s for sure is that it’s a gentle effect, not something you notice right away.


What is it Really Like to Take CBD? 

From our collected personal experiences, CBD comes on slow. If you do notice an effect in the first 30 minutes, it may be a feeling of warmth or gentle well-being. You may slowly realize that your discomfort is less, providing a slow relief over two or three hours where you are more relaxed and comfortable as the most noticeable result. For many, being even a little more relaxed and comfortable is exactly what they need.


How Your Body Absorbs CBD

Your body can absorb CBD oil in three beneficial ways. The first is ingesting CBD, the second is through the skin as topical treatments, the third is absorbing it through your mucous membranes with tinctures and vapor. Absorbed CBD then interacts with the CB1 receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system.


Ingesting CBD Capsules and Edibles

Ingesting CBD follows your digestive breakdown. Just like taking a capsule or vitamin, it takes time to digest and then the effects act as the CBD passes through your digestive system. This is the best way to deliver CBD to your stomach and intestines if this is where you want to ease discomfort. It also determines the time it takes to feel CBD and how long it lasts. Time-release capsules may both activate later and last longer, while quick sugary CBD gummies will metabolize as quickly as your digestion allows.


Topical CBD Skin Absorption

Topical CBD is absorbed through the skin and can be delivered to nearby soft tissue. Topical CBD products include creams and gels that you can rub only swollen and sore parts of your body, most commonly used to manage discomfort from achey joints and recent injuries. Absorption acts faster than ingesting but may also last for less time and, of course, affects less of your body. You can find pots of lotion, hand pumps, and even roll-on CBD gel to help you apply the cannabinoid mixture to a specific area.


Absorbing CBD Tinctures  and Vapor

Tinctures and vape both access your mucous membranes, which line your mouth, nose, throat, and lungs. Mucous membranes are fast-absorbing so this is one of the speedier ways to experience CBD – though still not instant. Tinctures are dropped under your tongue and the CBD is absorbed directly through your mouth tissue. This is known as “sub-lingual” application, which means under the tongue. Vaped CBD oil is absorbed through the mucous membranes in your esophagus and lungs. The effects, if felt perceptible, can be felt within a few minutes (2-15 depending on the person) and can be delivered throughout the body.


The Effects You Experience from CBD

  1. Muscle Relaxation and Relief
  2. Anxiety Reduction
  3. Digestive Aid
  4. Mood Uplifting

CBD has been found to have a variety of benefits based on what your body needs. Your endocannabinoid system relates to pain perception in the neurons, how your body handles inflammation, metabolism and digestion, and neurotransmitters that can impact your mood and energy. However, the effects are rarely felt right away and the greatest benefits are usually seen in people who use CBD regularly over time.

CBD can sometimes be used as a topical way to ease discomfort or as a catalyst to improve your mood, but should not be treated like an on-demand medication with effects that will provide immediate or powerful feelings in the moment. Instead, long-term use of CBD reduces the discomfort of extended inflammation, ease indigestion, and relax anxiety.


How Long It Takes for CBD to Take Effect

When do you start feeling the effect of CBD? It depends on how you take CBD, how your body processes it, and what effect you are trying to feel. Relief from aches with topical CBD can be felt within a few days to two weeks. Anxiety reduction and digestive health improvement often take time, and CBD is only one element of improving your overall health in these areas. CBD can reduce anxiety and ease digestive tension but one dose likely won’t have an overwhelming effect. CBD helps to take the pressure off of overtaxed systems so you can start to feel well again. Those with anxiety sometimes can establish a baseline of CBD use and afterward, a small dose can help to find your level in five to thirty minutes afterward.


So, Is CBD Effective?

Yes, many people have found CBD to be an effective supporting supplement in their path to wellness and physical comfort. But it’s not “effective” in the sense of its fast-intoxicating cousin. CBD is gentle and slow-acting, providing progressive relief instead of an impact you’ll notice right away. So if you’re trying CBD, gauge your personal amount carefully. Get to know your body’s relationship with CBD and take your time. Increase your amount a little each day until you find your level and the longer-term benefits begin to appear in your life. You may soon find that with high-quality CBD in your life, each day is a little more relaxed and easy to face.

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