New Year, New You? Using Cannabis for Better Health

Las Vegas Marijuana DispensaryFew people equate “pot smoking” with a healthy lifestyle, but research proves that not only is that assessment unfair, it is patently false! Cannabis and its derivatives can actually cause a whole host of positive health effects, and many enthusiastic cannabis users find ways for it to help rather than hurt their fitness goals. Plus, you do not even have to enjoy the “high” effects of THC to earn all of these benefits.

So embrace your New Year’s resolutions with extra zeal thanks to the health benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis Smoking Is Correlated with With Low Body Fat

Perhaps the most surprising effect of cannabis is that while it causes appetite cravings colloquially referred to as “the munchies,” research shows a strong link between regular cannabis usage and a low BMI. This correlation remained even after accounting for factors like age and cigarette use.

Other studies show a link between a smaller waist circumference (by 1.5 inches on average), higher levels of HDL “good” cholesterol and a lower risk of Type II Diabetes.

Being High Can Allow You to Enjoy Your Workout More

Anyone who balks at the idea at a “stoner athlete” only has to review the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron to see one of the most sculpted people on the planet toking up. Olympic gold-medal-winning athletes Michael Phelps and Shaun White are also avid smokers. Many exercise and recreational sports enthusiasts report smoking before a workout to make it more exciting, enhance their sensations and improve their focus.

Beyond anecdotal evidence, researchers at the University of the Mediterranean found that people who participate in recreational sports report having their experience and performance enhanced by cannabis.

Raw Cannabis Juice Can Be a Powerful Nutritional Supplement

While many explore the medical benefits of smoking and eating cannabis as it relates to anti-oxidizing potential, others have realized you do not even have to get high to enjoy these benefits. In fact, consuming raw, intact plant fibers through juicing ensures that the majority of the nutrients make it into your body rather than getting cooked or combusted out.

For this reason, medical experts like Dr. William Courtney recommend using freshly-harvested plant leaves and buds in a juicer alongside carrots, ginger and other vegetables to make a tasty, nutrition-packed treat. Since the plant has not been heated, all of the THC remains in an insoluble acid form, which means that you do not experience any psychoactive effects when drinking juiced cannabis.

Topical cannabis products can also provide health benefits like improved skin and reduced inflammation without producing a high effect.

Cannabis Can Encourage Healthy Eating and Substitute Bad Habits

Those who enjoy cannabis tend to consume less of other, more-harmful substances like alcohol or prescription painkillers. One study even concluded that cannabis use can help addicts safely recover from substance abuse.

These health benefits extend to your waist, too, since alcoholic drinks can pack in quite a lot of calories. Also, cannabis’ psychoactive effects can allow people to enjoy less calorie and sugar-rich foods like raw vegetables.

You can even pull double-duty by using healthful edible cannabis preparations in coconut oil or olive oil within your recipes. Just imagine a pile of curried lentils cooked in cannabis-infused coconut oil or a peach and arugula salad drizzled with cannabis-infused olive oil. Mmmmm!

You Can Smoke Less, Vaporize More to Earn the Health Benefits of Cannabis More Safely

Even with these benefits at hand, cannabis users can improve their daily habits by switching from smoking to vaporizing cannabis. Handheld vapes are easy to travel with, and they make cannabis flowers tastier and last longer. Oil-based vapes can come pre-loaded for the ultimate convenience. Bag-using vape products allow you to pass the love around at parties and gatherings.

You can find these products along with edibles, THC-free topicals and the highest-quality flowers at Euphoria Wellness. Let us help you actually enjoy your fitness goals this year, one toke at a time!