The Surprising Benefits of Cannabutter

Cannabutter at Euphoria WellnessLots of people enjoy cannabutter for many reasons, especially those managing pain and appetite from chemotherapy or AIDS treatment. Many of these benefits of eating rather than smoking cannabis are due to one surprising chemical reaction.

Because of this reaction, the way our body processes and experiences ingested cannabis is completely different. Some believe that it could even lead to small doses of cannabis subtly enhancing our lives throughout the day, just as caffeinated beverages currently do. So, if some day down the road you are sipping on a hot chai tea with a dollop of delicious cannabis-infused butter fat in it, you will have this reaction to thank.

Why Eating Cannabis (cannabutter) Is So Different from Smoking It

Lots of people know the physiological differences between eating cannabis versus smoking it: it takes longer to affect you, it lasts longer, and it can produces markedly different psychoactive experiences. The reason that these effects are so unique is that ingested cannabis lies in our digestive system.

When you smoke cannabis, active drugs like THC and CBD are taken in through the membranes in the lungs and passed into our bloodstream. Particles like THC that can pass through the lung membranes are delivered mostly unprocessed to our brain and heart, save for what the combustion process does. This creates a direct link to our nervous system, causing near-instantaneous psychoactive effects.

These effects differ from the way our body absorbs nutrients and compounds like THC through digestion. When we digest THC, it must first travel through metabolization enzymes produced by the liver before it can be completely absorbed in our intestines.

In the process of metabolization, our liver transforms THC into a slightly different compound, 11-hydroxy-THC. 11-hydroxy-THC is a far more powerful psychoactive compound than regular THC. The compound’s potency has its drawbacks, but it also creates the unique effects of edible cannabis. It is also delivered into our bloodstream through the slow process of digestion, creating time release effects even at low dosage.

These differences add up to quite a unique experience compared to smoking cannabis and a host of related benefits.

Preparing Cannabutter the Right Way

Part of the drawbacks of edible cannabis relate to people getting a much higher dose than they anticipated, causing discomfort and in severe cases nausea or paranoia. People like Chef Michael Cirino of Brooklyn believe that we can change that issue by being more scientific about the way we prepare products like cannabutter.

By continually experimenting with different cannabis strains and getting precise with the conditions in which they are prepared into cannabutter, he feels that one day “we can self-dose ourselves like we do with caffeine.”

If prepared correctly, we can enjoy a mild sense of euphoria along with the spike of creativity and energy certain cannabis strains inspire. Additionally, cannabis’ antioxidizing effects can benefit us nutritionally. Having a controlled dose is especially important for people who must use cannabis throughout the day but still work normally. That way, they can control their pain or stress or stimulate their appetite without having to feel distracted by heavy psychoactivity.

You can follow this link to try out Chef Cirino’s recipe for garlic and shallot-infused cannabutter prepared in just the right way. You can also purchase delicious pre-made cannabis-infused cooking products from Euphoria Wellness. We carry cannabutter, infused coconut oil, infused olive oil and more at our store.

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