Suffer from Holiday Anxiety? Edibles Can Help

Marijuana edibles las vegasThe holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but many people can actually feel quite the opposite. Whether it is the expected family tension, social anxiety, or frustration from having to take time off work to travel, many find themselves feeling cynical about the “holiday spirit” as the holidays can actually induce dread rather than joy.

And while it may be true that these people can find more long-term, permanent contentment through communicating openly with their family or adjusting their own mental habits, often times the easiest solution is “just getting it over with.” After all, many family problems can never be truly “fixed,” just dealt with. We can only control ourselves!

The good news is that you have access to a medicinal coping mechanism that has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of contentment in a variety of situations — medical cannabis. Edible preparations are especially great for the holiday season for their following benefits:

Edibles Are Extended Release

The best part about edibles is that they can take effect over a long period of time. Some can even last up to eight hours!

Even in lower doses, edible users can enjoy mild amounts of euphoria, relaxation and feelings of acceptance towards a situation for a few hours at a time. This is especially advantageous if going on long car rides or enduring long waits in between activities.

There is also the enjoyable bell curve of edibles, where you may feel increasingly “high” as it creeps in, you “peak” and enjoy the maximum effect, and then there is a long, relaxing tapering off of effects. Overlapping small doses of edibles can allow you to “ride” this bell curve as you wish throughout the day.

Not All Edibles Will Get You “High”

Many people enjoy the relaxing effects of edible cannabis products that have high amounts of THC, but others may become anxious or uncomfortable if they have too much THC in their system.

Luckily for them, not all edibles have a high THC content. Specially formulated CBD-rich products can produce a calming effect without the psychoactive — and sometimes anxiety-inducing — effects of THC. CBD also does not have some of the more noticeable side effects of cannabis like red eyes, “cotton mouth,” sleepiness or altered attention span.

Edibles Are Discrete and Easy to Consume

Not everyone’s family is down with the MJ. And while it may be legal to consume as a prescribed medicine in many states, including Nevada, some families could feel uncomfortable or even judgemental when they catch a whiff of cannabis fumes in the air.

Edibles negate this risk almost entirely. Although some preparations have a distinct plant-like smell, once consumed the smell doesn’t linger or drift around. Someone can eat an edible just before a family gathering and never have to bring cannabis products with them in their family’s presence. Or, they can bring along a small amount and nibble on it discretely throughout the day.

Using preparations low in THC and high in CBD can also provide discrete relief with less of the typical cannabis symptoms, as described above.

Edibles Have Different Effects

Anyone who has consumed edibles before knows that it is a distinct experience from smoking or vaporizing cannabis flowers. Not only are the effects drawn out and exhibit a delightful “creep” as they set in, but they can often affect the brain and body in differing ways. You may experience mild visual distortion at high doses, such as watching the wallpaper move, and you may feel more relaxed, akin to a “drunk” feeling but with much more self-control involved.

Best of all, you are definitely going to get more intense glucose cravings — aka “the munchies” — allowing you to dig into those amazing holiday dishes with even more enthusiasm!

For those using low-THC, high-CBD edibles, this extended intensity has a much more mild effect that can provide relaxation and comfort through a long period of time.

Advice for Consuming Edibles to Reduce Holiday Anxiety

  • Find a product you like before the holidays and experiment with its dosage so you can know exactly how to strategize your intake. Remember that tinctures have shorter effect durations but are quicker to set in than digested edibles.
    • Also consider trying high CDB, low-THC products in case THC produces an undesirable effect for you
  • Edibles can get way too intense for most people if taken in high doses. Use around 1/5 to 1/2 of the total amount that you would normally use when enjoying a day around the house. You can always take more, but you can’t take less after it is too late.
  • If you feel overwhelmed from THC-based edibles, drink lots of water and try to add things like bread to your stomach to help your body balance out your bloodstream. You may need to lay down or even vomit if feelings get too intense, but remember that they will pass and they are mostly in your head. Activated charcoal tablets can be a last-ditch escape hatch. Alternatively: don’t overdo it!
  • THC-rich edibles can dehydrate you (“cotton mouth”) and make you feel hungrier than smoking cannabis. Have water and maybe some light snacks handy, especially if going on a long car ride.
  • Avoid heavy alcohol drinking since strong edibles can lead to dizziness, dehydration and nausea, all things that alcohol can make far worse. Alternatively, you can avoid THC and use a high-CBD edible product to avoid conflicting effects.
  • If you have other family and friends who have a medical cannabis card and holiday anxiety, don’t forget to offer to share! You could easily make their day.

Getting the Perfect Edibles or Tinctures for Holiday Anxiety

Euphoria Wellness on Jones Blvd. stocks a huge variety of edible products and tincture preparations, including lozenges, sprays, drops, drinks, and a range of baked goods that includes seasonal treats!

Come into our store on 7780 South Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff about what products they recommend, or give us a call to receive free Las Vegas medical cannabis delivery right to your home.

We hope you have a happy, relaxing holiday season!


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