What Separates Good Cannabis From Bad Cannabis? Four Traits of Quality Cannabis

Whether you are new to the world of medical cannabis in Las Vegas, or a veteran seeking more in depth knowledge, knowing the difference between good and bad cannabis can help demystify the purchasing process so you can make smarter, healthier purchases. At the heart of the issue lies one simple question: “Was the plant cared for in such a way to intentionally create a desirable product?” For instance, some growers may actually choose to produce flowers with a low content of cannabinoids while prioritizing other elements, like giving off a certain flavor.

With this standard in mind, we can eliminate a lot of the subjective musings regarding debates like sativas vs. indicas. Instead, we will hone in what it really means to grow quality herb by answering the following four questions:

1. Did the Plant Get All the Main Inputs It Needed?

Great cannabis flowers only grow off of happy plants. On the other hand, plants that get stressed out by issues like infrequent watering, low light, low carbon dioxide levels and other problems can end up reacting in ways that create a harsh, unpleasant product. Every plant needs to be given nutritious soil, a calculated watering schedule, the perfect amount of daily UV light, a proper atmosphere of humidity and CO2 and other vital conditions like enough room for the roots to grow.

Outdoor growers or small, inexperienced grow-at-home operations can produce some characteristic product flaws that all reveal improper plant care, including excess fiber in the leaves, too leafy of growth or a plant with incredibly weak cannabinoid concentrations.

2. Did the Plant Get Trimmed and Monitored by an Experienced Grower?

Beyond the basics of water, soil and sunlight, top-quality cannabis benefits from years of scientific research and steady practice.

Trimming sits among the most important of these skills. Cannabis leaves are not a desirable component of the end product because they produce harsh smoke with low cannabinoid concentrations. By steadily and strategically trimming the plant, the grower can maximize the energy spent on creating flower buds, the source of the best cannabinoid compounds, flavors, visual traits and scents.

Other subtle techniques like pumping up the CO2 levels as the buds mature or flushing nutrients from the plant at proper times can help produce cannabis rich in character, not to mention amazing psychoactive effects.

3. Were the Flowers Cured and Handled Properly After Harvesting?

Growing great herb is only part of the battle; now all those flowers must be properly cured and prepared for transport.

Poor curing can be identified by brown or dark green flowers, as well as flowers that have a dry, papery texture. Bad curing not only makes the plant less pleasant to smoke, but it can destroy a lot of the desirable psychoactive and flavor compounds. Even worse, some people will pack flowers into dense bricks or shake off most of the trichomes using a “pollen box,” leaving flowers with low cannabinoid levels and a dense, unappealing texture.

By contrast, quality herb is light and fluffy, but easy to crumble. It should never be too dry, but it should certainly not be wet, which adds weight while taking away from the full cannabinoid profile.

4. Did the Plants Come From Good Genes?

Parenting matters when it comes to high quality cannabis. Genetic wizards crossbreed seeds to give rise to plants that can create amazing smelling, looking, tasting and smoking flowers with unique characteristics. And the best part is that genetic diversity means there are many different types of cannabis one could consider “the best to get” at a given time. Qualities breeders select for include:

  • Unique flavors, smells or flower appearances
  • High trichome growth, aided by proper techniques
  • Optimal balance of THC/CBD and other compounds to produce a specific psychoactive effect
  • Consistency in offspring and clones, creating a duplicatable product

Finding the Perfect Medical Cannabis in Las Vegas for You

People have different symptoms, preferences and palates meaning there is no such thing as one “right strain” for everyone across the board. Let Euphoria Wellness’s knowledgeable staff guide you to the perfect product choices given your medical needs and your personal tastes. We supply only the best options, and we can tell you what makes them great, all the way down to the chemistry!

Come visit our Las Vegas medical cannabis dispensary or call and request free Las Vegas medical cannabis delivery to find the perfect product or products to suit your needs.