Use for Cannabis Concentrates

5 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are powerful, efficient and generally thought to be healthier compared to typical herb combustion smoking. All of these qualities are true, but did you know that concentrates can also be incredibly versatile?

Nearly any method of consumption you can think of can be improved by using concentrates instead of dry flowers, and while some may miss the herbal flavors and pretty aesthetics of certain strains, you definitely get a more powerful dose.

So, to help you broaden your horizons when it comes to concentrates, you can try one of the following consumption methods:

Topping Dry Herb With Concentrates

One of the most simple — but perhaps wasteful — ways to consume concentrate is to just add it to a normal dry herb smoking device. By sprinkling kief or including a dab inside a bowl, you can give it a potent kick of extra THC.

The drawback is that you will most likely waste much of your concentrate. Concentrates like kief dust vaporize at far lower temperatures than the typical butane lighter or burning hemp strand creates, meaning only the first person or two in the “rotation” may actually get some. Waxier concentrates like shatter and honeycomb may not burn completely, leaving an unconsumed residue in your smoking device.

You can solve these problems and still use most of your normal smoking apparatus with the next method.

Vaporizing With Special Accessories

“Oil rigs” for water pipes and “glass wands” for dry pipes both allow you to instantly vaporize concentrates and inhale almost pure THC. These devices let you keep your pieces you know and love, letting you potentially switch from concentrates back to dry herb.

Using Vaporizer Devices for Concentrates

Certain vaporizers were designed to work better with concentrates, including ones that accept “juice” style tinctures similar to nicotine-based vaporizers. These products are often convenient and do a great job of controlling temperatures so that your vapor is never too hot and never too cool.

Alternatively, you can include a small amount of concentrate mixed in with dry herb in a dry herb vaporizer, but expect some of the problems listed in the first suggestion.

Cooking and Eating

You can easily convert concentrates into edibles by decarboxylating them and heating them up slowly over a double boiler in some sort of fat or oil. Coconut oil, butter, olive oil, and even lard can all be infused with powerful THC concentrates, letting you give your favorite homemade foods an extra kick!

Creating Tinctures

Tinctures dissolve decarboxylated concentrates in high-percentage ethyl alcohol solutions, such as high-proof (80 proof and up) vodka or grain alcohol. They require heating up the concentrate above 220 °F to decarboxylate so that the active compounds can be absorbed by the liver. After the tincture is made, it can be consumed by itself using a dropper or added into drinks and foods.

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