Concentrates 101: Everything You Need to Know About Dabbin

Las Vegas Marijuana concentrates - dabbingDabbing is more than just a popular new dance move. For patients with access to medical cannabis, it’s also a much more efficient way to utilize the active ingredients in cannabis, known as cannabinoids. These include the familiar compound THC and several others. Dabbing can be especially helpful for those whose conditions and symptoms are more severe, and for whom typical methods of using medical cannabis are becoming less effective. Euphoria Wellness, a medical cannabis dispensary in Nevada, informs patients of this emerging method below.

What is a Dab?

Dabs are simply highly concentrated cannabis extracts. They are in the form of very sticky, dark, thick oils. Some of these oils may even crystallize into glass or honeycomb reminiscent structures, which break apart easily. The term “dab” comes from the act of taking a small amount of these substances and dabbing them gently onto the smoking apparatus, known as a dab rig.

It has been known for a while that even potent strains of cannabis release a smaller percentage of cannabinoids when burned in the bud form (around 30 percent even at the best of times). More worrisome is the fact that the raw plant matter in the bud releases dangerous carcinogens, or cancer-causing compounds, when burned. This is the same concern that tobacco smokers face and it is the reason cigarettes are associated with lung cancer. Cannabis extracts have been popular for a very long time because they eliminate the worry of carcinogenic properties and because they release cannabinoids at a much higher rate. Those in need of a boost in the medicinal properties of cannabis find this aspect of dabbing very appealing.

Dabbing Concerns

Dabbing is still in the early stages of popularity because of how usage and terminology appear to new and uninformed users. Burning dabs on a nail with a torch seems scary and harmful to one’s health, which is why dabbing has come to be referred to as the “crack of weed.” In reality, this method isn’t extremely dangerous. If creme brulee can be made with a torch to no ill effect, using one for health benefits shouldn’t be a concern, either.

Although it is often much simpler to use a vaporizer for dabs, dab rigs are specially designed to release heavier hits, which is why they are the most common methods of use. Nails are made of a highly heat resistant substance, like titanium or quartz, and then heated with a torch. After they are heated, a dab of the oil is place on the nail which releases vapor to be inhaled. Without practice or preparation, this method can result in burns or wasted vapor, but not much else.

Solvents used in dabs may sound scary, but pose little risk as they are substances we commonly encounter anyway. Butane is very popular, along with carbon dioxide, ethanol and others. These chemicals are simply used to separate the active ingredients in cannabis from the plant matter and turn them into concentrates. When used professionally by competent manufacturers, these solvents pose little risk.

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