Four Smoke-Free Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis

Nevada’s 14,482 registered medical cannabis patients are taking advantage of the incredible healing powers and minimal side effects of medical cannabis. However, tens of thousands more people could benefit from MMJ or have an interest in it but are held back by misconceptions.

The truth is, the days of cannabis meaning acrid, ash-smelling paper joints are long past. Instead, dozens of different ways to intake the psychoactive compounds into their system, many of which are smokeless, have been developed. You can get the dosage you need without having to worry about smoke, smells or interrupting your day.
To help those who want to try MMJ but are deterred by smoke, here are four great smokeless options:

Vaporizing may look a lot like smoking, but there are unique characteristics that set it apart.
THC and other psychoactive compounds found in MMJ burn at much lower temperatures, usually just under 400 °F while matches and butane lighters often burn at temperatures over 800-1,000 °F. Vaporizers provide a controlled temperature to ignite compounds without completely combusting the flower. .
It emits only a light vapor, no smell and none of the harsh effects of smoke. Vaporizing avoids completely burning the flower, which could lead to the ingestion of undesirable compounds like ash. Concentrate products can vaporize psychoactive compounds without any plant material at all.
Inhaling cannabis is fast-acting, provides nearly all medicinal benefits and can offer controlled doses which makes vaporizing the number one recommended method for ingesting MMJ among most experts.

Tinctures and Sprays
For patients not comfortable vaporizing or deterred from having to prepare fresh flowers or concentrates, they can still get medicinal benefits in a fast-acting, controlled form by using prepared tinctures and sprays. These preparations use alcohol or other solvents to create a cannabis infusion. The resulting product can be dropped into your coffee, placed under the tongue or into spray bottles, providing the benefits of MMJ in a discrete way without extensive preparation.

Edibles and Ingestibles
Digesting MMJ produces noticeably different psychoactive effects from inhalation or even tinctures. The effects are more gradual and have a tendency to last longer.Edible cannabis is available in many products, including prepared foods such as brownies or infused oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil. Controlling edible doses can be difficult, patient’s are advised to start with a minimal amount and wait a few hours before attempting to consume more.
Ingestible pills prepared with CBD or THC oils are also available that offer marginally more control over dosage.

Topical MMJ products impart many benefits. They offer pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce soreness. Psychoactive effects are minimal to non-existent, making topicals perfect for those who do not wish to experience MMJ’s “high.”

Deciding on the Smoke-Free Medical Cannabis Method That’s Right for You
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