Introduction to Cannabis Concentrates

Today we will be covering cannabis concentrates. There are many names for these products including dabs, shatter, crumble wax, pull & snap, oil, honeycomb, & budder. Wax is a concentration made from cured or live cannabis. This concentrate is made from the buds and plant material of cannabis and is reduced into a concentration mainly consisting of THC and CBD.

These types of concentrates can test at 60-80% THC and above. Others can be CBD rich and will have a lower THC%, but much higher CBD numbers.

Wax is most commonly made using a hydrocarbon. This could be butane, propane, alcohol, or CO2. In BHO products the butane is used to strip the oils off the plant material. After the oil has been pulled from the plant material the butane is then purged from the concentrate. BHO concentrates in Nevada are tested to the strictest safety standards. All solvents used must be below 500 parts per million.  This is essentially less butane than you would inhale from “lighting a bowl”. Dabs are usually found in two forms, shatter or crumble.

Honeycomb is made using propane, you can find both live & cured versions on our shelves. The difference is the live version uses uncured cannabis. This increases the terpene profile of the concentrate, which translates to much more flavor & aroma. Honeycomb is a full-melt product, meaning that nothing is left after vaporizing. The added benefit of honeycomb is it can be used like keif, since it is very dry and crumbles, you can sprinkle it on a bowl, use it in a joint, or any vape pen of your choosing.

Rosin is a pure cannabis product, made from keif, produced with a combination of pressure & heat. Very flavorful, full-melt and one of the purest forms of concentrate.

Please stay tuned for our next video in our wax series “Is wax right for me?”

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